[NI1451] [newport.FTW]

He fought in the Revolutionary War. Private, Capt. Edward Cobb's Co., Col. Eliphalte Cary's regt.; marched from Abington to Tiverton, RI, on the alarm of JULY 20, 1780. Discharged Aug. 9 , 1780; service, 11 days. Daniel Bicknell moved to Lunenburg, MA about 1791. He moved to North Newport, ME about 1807 and purchased 600 acres of land. He was one of the early settlers of Newport, ME.

[NI1458] [newport.FTW]

The 1850 census for Newport, Maine indicates his name is Stewart not Steward.

[NI1461] [newport.FTW]
A valuation of property dated 1826 lists land, buildings and farm animals worth $544.00 owned by Daniel Bicknell in the town of Newport. The cited document is owned by the Newport Historical Society. He and his family lived in Stetson, ME IN THE 1840 Census, when Stetson was incorporated his farm was probably within the new Sretson town limits.

[NI1465] [newport.FTW]

The 1840 census shows Thomas and his family living in Dexter, Penobscot County, Maine. In th e 1850 Thomas Reed Bicknell was living in the Boston ninth ward and his occupation was carpen ter. All his children were all living in the same house in 1850.

[NI1467] [newport.FTW]

Henry Bicknell served in the war of 1812.
A valuation of property dated 1826 lists land, buildings and farm animals worth $522.00 owned by Henry Bicknell in the town of Newpert. The cited document is owned by the Newport Historical Society.

[NI1475] [Usa.ftw]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #5010, Date of Import: Feb 13, 1997]

Mary married Fredrick Raeber in Daviess Co., IN on aug 10, 1884.

The 1900 census shows her running a boardinghouse in Cannelburg, IN.
Her mother (Harriett Bicknell), her daughter (Nora Foote) and granddaughter
(Mary Foote) lived with her.

On July 7, 1902 she married Conrad Mueller.

Obituary - Washington Newspaper - names parents - Keller Mortuary - member of First Methodist Church, G.A.R. Org. - one of eleven children, all proceeded her - invalid for 3 years

[NI1488] [newport.FTW]
He was a farmer and a carpenter in Bangor, Maine. He served in the Civil War as a Private in the 12th Regiment, Maine Infantry. He was a substitute for Thomas Ladd of Sebec, Piscataquis Counth, Maine. He was mustered in April 6, 1965 and mustered out May 10, 1965 at Galloups Island, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.

[NI1493] [Usa.ftw]

Ref: T.W Bicknell's 1913 genealogy page 509

Private of Massachusetts Battery Artillery, Charlestown.
Previous Employment, track Layer
Enlisted Sept 8 1862
Disharged due to disability, Apr 20 1863

He was unmarried at the time of his enlistment. Served in the Civil War, he was a Private i n the Massachusetts Battery Artillery, Charlestown; age 37; occupation before enlistment: tra ck layer; enl. Sept. 8, 1862; dis. April 20,1863 in New Orleans, LA for disability.

[NI1495] Charles J. Bicknell owned a piece of land next to his brother, Benjamin, in Bangor, ME in 1865. Charles probably moved to Sonoma County, CA after the fire burned him out in July 1864. His wife was listed as a widow when the 1880 census for Petaluma, Sonoma, CA was taken.[newport.FTW]

Charles moved his family to Somoma County California about 1860. His wife was listed as a wid ow when the 1880 census for Petaluma, Sonoma, CA was taken.

[NI1497] [newport.FTW]

He was a barber and operated a six chair barber shop in Bangor, ME. They owned a house on th e corner of French St. in Bangor. He later owned a barber shop in Hampden Hills, ME which sti ll is in operation as a barber shop. Died at the age of 75 years 6 months and 8 days.

[NI1501] [Usa.ftw]
Ref: T.W. Bicknell's 1913 genealogy page 230
Killed in battle of Civil War, at Winchester, VA., USA

He enlisted August 9, 1861 in Bangor, ME as a Pvt (wagoner) in Co. H, 7th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry. He was promoted to Cpl in Nov 1863. On August 7, 1864 he was discharged as a Segeant for promotion to 1st Lieutenant in Company C, 1st Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infan try. He was killed during the "Battle of Fisher's Hill" in Shenandoah County, VA the followin g month.

[NI1502] [Usa.ftw]
Ref: T.W. Bicknell's 1913 genealogy page 230
Killed in the battle of Civil War at Norfolk, NC., USA

Enlisted May 20, 1861 at Portland, ME; served as a seaman on the ships U.S.S. Ohio and U.S.S . Cambridge.

[NI1503] [Usa.ftw]
From Phyllis Bicknell Carroll's 1981 book page 14
Fred was at one time a clergyman.
Later worked for the Livingston Mfg. CO. which later became the Bicknell Manufacturing Co. of Rockland, Maine when his son Putnam became a major stockholder. (Pnematic tools, contractor, quarrying, stone finishing)

In the 1870 census Fred is listed as living in Stetson, Maine.
He served as a Private in Company C of the Maine Coast Guard Infantry during the Civil War. Company C was stationed at Fort Sullivan Eastport, Maine from 05/16/1864 to 09/06/1865.

[NI1504] [newport.FTW]
She took care of Her husband's father, Benjamin Reed Bicknell, from 1890 until his death in 1 902.

[NI1513] [newport.FTW]

In the 1850 Massachusetts census William M. Bicknell was living with his parents and was a st udent. He became a Unitarian minister. In the 1880 census he was a clergyman living in Rowe , Franklin, MA.


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