[NI9006] [Japhet Bicknell Desc.FTW]

died in car accident ...he was a passenger... near trevor true value and mallantone bird call area of moline a telephone pole fell on car.

[NI9007] [Japhet Bicknell Desc.FTW]

Teaches at scholl of medicine in chicago. infectious disease

[NI9010] [Japhet Bicknell Desc.FTW]

daughter of Carolyn Remery. Adopted and brought up in Australia. Daughter found mother in 1992 and involved mother in wedding. Marrried in Bristol England.

[NI9016] [Japhet Bicknell Desc.FTW]

Lived in Tulare California. Had a car accident and was "just not the same" afterwords. Died before 2000.

[NI9021] Jay Paff
Born April 26, 1960
Married Stephanie Hoffman June 22, 1991

[NI9022] Stephanie Hoffman

[NI9090] Could also be known as Sarah Ann

[NI9139] John Austin married for his first and second wives, sisters, daughters of Dr. Sweet, of the bone-setting fame, and became the father of 20 children. The eldest children were settled in life when the yoiungest one were born, and the family was much scattered, some going to Vermont.

[NI9181] Her father was born in Ireland and her mother was born in Scotland she stated in the 1880 census of Petaluma, Sonoma, CA. She took borders to support herself and her children.[newport.FTW]

Her father was born in Ireland and her mother was born in Scotland she stated in the 1880 cen sus of Petaluma, Sonoma, CA. She took in borders to support herself and her children.

[NI9184] Information taken from the 1880 census for Petaluma, Sanoma, CA, USA. He is alos listed in the 1900 census for Petaluma, Sanoma, CA and states his occupation as farm laborer.[newport.FTW]

[NI9211] [newport.FTW]

He was adopted.

[NI9220] [newport.FTW]

Picture of the Bangor Standpipe attached to this record.

[NI9221] [newport.FTW]

She was almost totally blind from birth, seeing only dim shadows and movement, yet she raise d three children and was an excellent cook.

[NI9222] [Allan Davis]
The 1881 census shows Walter and Ellen's birthplace as Widdecomb; However, it is believed they were born in Withycombe. Widdecomb and Withycombe are close enough in a Devornian accent to be misheard by the enumerator.
It is believed there are other children not listed here.
In 1881 Walter was an Agricultural Laborer and Ellen was a Laundress.

[NI9226] [newport.FTW]

Ralph is a graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy. He worked for the United Fruit Company fo r several years before being drafted into the US Army in 1964 where he served in Vietnam. H e went to work for NOAA after his Army service retiring in 1989 at the age of 50.


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