[S002266] Mt. Hope Cemetary: Heritage In Stone

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[S002283] Newport.FTW

[S001665] Alan Davis

[S001873] Daughters of the American Revolution

[S002079] Jean J. Boicourt []


[S002082] Jeffrey Bicknell Burke

[S002086] Joan Gile Sargeant

[S001674] Allison Jean Wight

[S002500] Terri Maitre

[S001880] David Kenney Castle, Sr. email

[S001884] David Steen []

[S001679] AllisonGen@aol.com1

[S002505] The Bicknell Genealogy -- 1981

[S001887] Deathinx.ftw

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[S001682] Amy Petrovich [apetrovich@ECUSD7.ORG]

[S001685] via

[S002510] The History of Woodstock Connecticut

[S002305] North Newport Cemetery Route 222 North Newport, Maine

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[S002518] The NEHG Register Volume 159 October 2005.

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[S002521] Thomas & Valentine Rowell Genealogy -

[S001698] Bernice Mileski

[S002526] Thomas Gloyd Trager, Sr.

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[S001704] Beth Hurd from Princes Hill Cemetery, Barington, RI, USA

[S002530] Valerie Trestrial

[S002118] John D Woodley email

[S002324] Patricia Marburger

[S002328] Patrick Harold Bicknell


[S001711] Beth Hurd from Woonsocket Historical Cemeteries #1 & #2

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[S002128] Karin Watson

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[S001954] Family Record of Memorable Dates

[S002161] Lisa Bicknell Junkins

[S002572] Weymouth Vitals

[S001958] Felicaia Bicknell Gums

[S002370] Peter Bicknell []

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[S001757] Bob Bishop

[S002377] Philip Austin

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[S002188] Maine Census

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[S002198] Mary (Bicknell) Zuidema

[S002405] Richard B Bicknell

[S001994] Harold Bicknell

[S001997] History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family

[S002410] Robert C Bicknell []

[S002001] History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family and Some Collateral Lines

[S002413] Robert S Bicknell

[S002210] Mary O'Keefe Kellogg

[S001799] Census 1930 Fayettevill, Lincoln Co., TN

[S002008] History of Hancock County

[S002215] Massachusetts Vital Records Transcripts



[S002016] Illinois State Wide Marriage Index

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[S001834] Christmas Letter, Ann & Bruce Hodgman 2007

[S001630] 1910 Census, Kings County, NY

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[S002051] James Michnowicz

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[S001644] 1970 Census Massachusetts

[S001647] 1980 Census, Massachusetts


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